Some 50 industry experts from the creative, marketing communication, publishing, environment science, broadcasting, government affairs, arts and culture, information technology and data science and NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) participated at the 2022 Institute of Arts and Sciences Industry Experts (INDEX) Forum.

Mark Awiten of Cinemo Philippines and Cinemo Global, who spoke on behalf of the attendees underscored the importance of academe and industry working together to strengthen the curricular programs while hearing the competencies expected by employers and the current trends of the various industries. 

Annually organized by the University Industry Linkages Office, the 2022 Forum gathered the members of the Industry Advisory Board of eight academic programs of the institute. The exchange ensured that the programs offered are appropriately aligned with the latest trends and needs of the respective industries. It also provided an opportunity for several collaborations and partnerships that will be forged including the conduct of series of trainings and workshops. 

During the open forum conducted for all eight programs, improvement of the program based on the needs of the industry, emerging trends, possible partnerships with the industries in areas such as internship, resource speakership, site visitations, research, reading resources were thoroughly discussed.

Experts also pushed for the observance of cultural sensitivities, and highlighted significance of ethics.

Monette Quiogue, an expert invited for Language and Literature Studies, emphasized that need for graduates to still be strong in the Filipino Language because some articles require the Filipino language expertise.  

Dr. Jovertlee Pudan, Deputy Executive Director II of Nayong Pilipino Foundation upon reviewing the Interdisciplinary curriculum suggested adding career paths for the program: Museum Researcher, Museum Curator, Conservator, Learning Material Developer, Material Culture Expert, Ethnographic Researcher and Museum docent (Educator and Guide).