No matter how great adversities are, especially in this time of pandemic, not even COVID-19 can stop the harmony and the legacy. Music, more than ever is a balm to the soul!

Musica FEUROPA, Far Eastern University’s annual choral festival with the European Union Delegation in the Philippines as its principal partner, will go virtual for the first time on May 15, 22, 29 and 30, 2021.

On it’s 12th season, Musica FEUROPA continues to showcase the partnership, friendship, and the shared cultural values between the European Union and the Philippines following the bilateral relationship and cooperation agreement. 

Musica FEUROPA aims to elevate the standards of participating choirs by using the European guidelines for competitions. It prepares Filipino choirs to participate in European choral competitions, fosters an openness to cultural exchange, and creates a spirit of friendly competition.

The main purpose of Musica FEUROPA is to make it one of the definitive competitions in the choral circuit, first in the Philippines, then in the world:

  • To promote the European Union in the Philippines, particularly through its music during the European Union Month of May;
  • To expose Filipino choirs to the works of European composers; and
  • To give equal importance to the works of Filipino composers.

Given the current pandemic, Musica FEUROPA 12 will take place via Zoom on three consecutive Saturdays (15, 22, 29) with a Concert of Champions as the finale on the 30th of May from 8:00-9:30 PM. The latter will feature various Filipino choirs who have won not just in Musica FEUROPA but bigger competitions in the Philippines and abroad. Choirs participating in any of the Musica FEUROPA 12 concerts are to submit videos of past or virtual performances of one piece in an official EU language by a composer from the EU, one in any Filipino language or dialect by someone of Filipino descent and the Ode to Joy in German. 

Musica FEUropa 12 concerts will also be posted on its YouTube Channel and that of the FEU Center for the Arts.

Musica FEUROPA 12 is also brought to you by 98.7 DZFE, our official media partner.

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