In line with the 10th anniversary of the ASEAN Human Rights Declaration, the Department of International Studies, and the Department of Political Science of the Institute of Arts and Sciences organized a talk entitled “Revisiting a Decade of Human Rights Observance in ASEAN: Challenges and Opportunities,” with Associate Professor Kar Yen Leong, PhD of Tamkang University, Taiwan.

Dr. Leong gave an overview of the declaration and its observance by the members states of the regional organization. He elaborated on the need for member states to strengthen its mechanisms in promoting and protecting human rights especially in this time of disinformation and fake news echoing President Michael Alba’s call for the university to be an avenue for dialogues and discussions on global affairs issues and peaceful conflict resolutions.

“The citizens- most especially in the democratic states such as the Philippines, can use their power to be “watchdogs”, that can correct and protect the human right to attain a safe space to live and explore,” shared by an active student participant.

The event was held in the interactive room and attended by International Studies and Political Science students.