(L-R)  FEU Chair Aurelio Montinola, JCHS CEO Chung Yea Fui and Dean Rachelle Garcia, Registrar Fazilah Hamdan, and Admission Officer Eugeene Emmanuel Benicta
Photo by: Rachelle Garcia

Far Eastern University (FEU) Chairman, Aurelio Montinola III travelled to Brunei Darussalam to visit JPMC College of Health Sciences (JCHS), the first international school of the FEU Group of Schools. This visit marked a significant milestone in the ongoing collaboration between the two institutions.  His itinerary was packed with meaningful engagements and productive discussions, strengthening the partnership between FEU and Jerudong Park Medical Center Sdn Bhd.

Welcoming the Chairman

Upon his arrival, Montinola was greeted with warmth and enthusiasm. The JCHS academic team and Ambassador-Designate of the Republic of the Philippines to Brunei Darussalam Marian Jocelyn Tirol-Ignacio were among the well-wishers who welcomed him to the beautiful nation of Brunei.

Her Excellency expressed her admiration for JCHS’s continuous progress and extended her support for potential cultural collaborations.

Strengthening Bonds

Next on the agenda was an intimate gathering with the FEU secondees to JCHS who shared their experiences and expressed their gratitude for the opportunities provided by JCHS. The Chairman’s motivational conversations left a profound impact on the attendees. They felt privileged and appreciated his personal attention.

FEU Chairman Aurelio Montinola and JCHS OSAS and Edtech Officer John Oliver Brioso

Her Excellency Ambassador Tirol-Ignacio also hosted a dinner at Kaizen Restaurant. The discussion revolved around the experiences and adjustments of Filipinos living in Brunei. Montinola, who had previously stayed in Brunei nearly two decades ago, expressed his admiration for the country’s progress over the years.

Exploring JCHS

The third day of the visit took Montinola to the permanent JCHS school site. The facility tour was led by JCHS CEO Chung Yea Fui and Dean Rachelle Garcia. The Chairman was visibly impressed with the academic facilities, including the Academic Faculty Room and various classrooms. He commended the vibrant atmosphere, highlighted by the eye-catching JCHS logo in the reception area.

The Chairman’s visit continued with a tour of specialized laboratories, including the ORDR Complex and the Medical Ward, situated in the Simulated Medical Assistive Resource and Technology (SMART) Lab. Students demonstrated various medical procedures, showcasing JCHS’s commitment to hands-on education. Montinola commended the SMART Lab, inspired by FEU’s Virtual Integrated Nursing Education Simulation.

(L-R) Her Excellency Marian Jocelyn Tirol-Ignacio, Chairman Aurelio Montinola III, Julie Danofrata, Dr. Frida Quizzagan, Dr. Nemencio Santos and JCHS Dean Rachelle Garcia

The JCHS amphitheater, a hub of educational and cultural events, was also featured during the tour. The visit concluded with a meeting in the CEO’s office, where Mr. Montinola discussed expansion prospects and shared his vision for JCHS.

A luncheon with the JCHS leadership team provided an opportunity for Montinola to engage in informal discussions about the institution’s journey as a health science college. He expressed his appreciation for JCHS’s steady progress and the notable increase in student intake in the current year.

Building Diplomatic and Economic Relations

Montinola’s visit extended beyond academia as he met with Sarwani Sarpuddin, Senior Investment Associate at Darussalam Assets, and Pei Ling, Finance Officer of JPMC. The meeting emphasized the multifaceted nature of his visit and the potential for collaborative ventures.

The culmination of his visit was a dinner meeting with JCHS’s administrative and academic officers, local government officials, and prominent Bruneian ministers. The discussions spanned the challenges and opportunities faced by JCHS in the past year, shedding light on its future plans.

The Chairman’s visit leaves a lasting impression of the positive impact of FEU’s internationalization initiatives, demonstrating the university’s commitment to providing a truly global healthcare education.