The FEU Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) as an arm in achieving the University’s goal in providing learner-centered contexts organized Teaching and Assistantship Preparation (TAP), an in-service training for new faculty which goals were to emphasize the principles of FEU teaching-learning pedagogy and prepare both the junior faculty and the teaching assistants (Tas) for practice in the FEU environment.

The training comprises six sessions of plenary talks and workshops as strategies for equipping the faculty with face-to-face instructions. The plenary discussions cover the essential responsibilities of the FEU faculty, the FEU educator (then and) in the now normal, student-centered pedagogies, assessment in the FEU teaching-learning context, and a systematic approach to TL: reflecting the principles into practice. The sessions promote students’ involvement in the decision-making process on what, when, and how they study.

During the Academic Year 2022-2023, TAP catered to 77 new faculty and teaching assistants and ran in four different batches: August 2-5, October 7-25, November 10-28, 2022 and January 4-12, 2023. The facilitators of the sessions were FEU faculty Israel Soberano, Irish Sherina Digo, John Angelo de Leon, and Eunice Grace Asistio.

FEU advocates student-centered learning that offers a wide range of educational programs, learning opportunities, pedagogical techniques, and theoretical support methods designed to meet individual students’ and groups’ specific academic needs, interests, goals, or cultural backgrounds. FEU gives students a chance to direct learning activities, engage in discussions more actively, create their learning projects, investigate subjects that interest them, and generally contribute to their course creation of study. It is in these premises that the TAP were designed and will continue in the coming academic year.